Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silver AND Glass - 20% OFF

It's week TWO of our THREE week sales event. 
This week all SILVER home accessories are 20% off.
AND....all clear Glass continues to be 20% off.  In Minnesota we call that a darn good betcha!
Next week we'll add a NEW sale itmes (s). 

The Loft on 2nd is OPEN
Thursday 10-7 and
Friday and Saturday 10-5

Silver and Glass





Silver and Glass

NEW Ripple-Scarves and lasso-Jewelry


Lasso Jewelry

NEW-pendant and XL ball
chain necklaces.

Antique Mannequin

A wall of pics

Rock-a-billy, vintage top
and NEW Guess shoes.

Seasonal goods


A classic with a little Bo-Ho outfit.

Detail (SOLD)

Desk and shelf




A corner of our world

Another corner. That's a vintage
COACH leather portfolio
behind the daisy!

A cute little black dress,
crochet top, Kenzie shoes
and a ripple-scarf

A spring-like pearl and wire tree

Vintage leather Doc bag and NEW linen pillow.

A Lofty view

A non-twitter "TWEET"

Very COOL!

Longing for Spring......
Ceramic vase and fresh flowers

Spring Terrariums

And our Reality......
We've been experiencing very spring like days. The snow was all but gone and yesterday we had spring-like showers. And then we awoke to this.
My first glimpse of the day from
my bedroom window. Arrgghh...this
is going to be a bad day.

And then I lifted the garage door (long sigh).
I should have parked in the garage but....
it's full, full of future Loft treasures.

And then a different perspective....
My 13 year old terrier reminded
me you have to live in the moment.

She trotted through the snow,
stopping only to bury her nose
in the snow or sniff the cool
crisp air.

And after a long play in the snow,
we came in, both of us dragging
much of the "spring" snow with us. 
I am present and in the moment and is good.

Soooooo.....SPRING or SNOW, we're here.
living in and for the moment!

Till next time,

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