Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lofty images

We went and we saw.
We were inspired and we inspired others.
We laughed and talked.
We ooohed and ahhhed and 
we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at The Flea Market Under Glass.

AND now.....
We've returned to the Loft on 2nd and we can't wait for you to see all of our new and exciting finds.

This week we are sharing some pics from The Flea Market Under Glass and some pics of the new items at the Loft this week. We are still in the artistic throws of painting, re-finishing,sewing and collecting. We'll be adding even more to our boutique before this week is over but....
right now, we want to share cuz we know you've been waiting :-)
So here is just a sampling of what's at The Loft on 2nd this week.

The Loft on 2nd and Ladeeda Design have items featured in this montage (above)of pics from "A Flea Market Under Glass" and posted on "You Tube". Watch for the Loft's lamps and pots and Ladeeda's cowboy boots.

and in the next one (below) watch for our vintage fashions and models from the style show. Enjoy!

Pics from the Loft this week

Chippy boxes and wood and
unique chalkboard shapes.

A one of a kind Dress/tunic made from a vintage slip and table cloth.

An up-cycled vintage hat case.
"Audrey Hepburn".

Another one of a kind Ladeeda Design top
made from a vintage slip.

JP Design Pots

One of Robyn's gorgeous bottles.

A vintage 1950s party dress

An up-cycled vintage bag and
wallet featuring Elvis. 

Hollywood up-cycled wallets.

Paper flower and vase.

Funky metal arrows.

A fabulous table 

Details of the table top.

Boots, boots and more boots.

It's occasional Sale week
in Anoka! We'll be OPEN
~Weds. 3-8p
~Thurs. 10-8p
~Fri. and Sat. 10-5p
~and Sun. 12-4p

Girls Night Out is Thursday March 10th.
The Loft will have complimentary in-store Design consultative Services and Laurie from Comprehensive Alternative Therapies will be back to offer FREE mini massages.

The Shops on 2nd Ave. will also be hosting an indoor block party.
It's too much fun to be missed!
The fabulous upward view at The Flea Market Under Glass
Till next time,


  1. Fun to hang out with you ladies at the FMUG! I plan to get out to visit you all at the shop soon :) Laurel

  2. So much fun...
    beautiful things
    and lovely people!
    Thanks for the
    xx Suzanne
    PS: Couldn't believe
    how busy it was on
    Saturday compared to
    Thursday ~ WOW!

  3. Great blog post. Love the bigger photos too...Sad I was soooo far away form you ladies at the show, but will plan to get up to the shop this week before I fly South. Good stuff here...
    I sent a bunch of people your way, as we had lots of customers coming shopping on Sunday during teardown and I took the time to visit, talk to about the show, and promote the occasional sale venue vendors to them. Handed them lots of cards that were still on the table up front too. One lady is coming your way on Thursday morning and she's looking for card style elements to use in their outdoor gardens. They were thrilled to hear about you, as they had driven from out by White Bear Lake for the event only to find out it was done. They loved what they saw though, and will be back in the Fall.


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