DIY Style

Our DIY (Do it yourself ) page is dedicated to our customers and blog followers who love the "Loft Style". Our goal is to share ideas, methods and techniques you can do yourself. 

DIY-Loft Style Post / Lamp
April 20, 2011 
Here is a perfect Industrial project for your home. 

Begin with a pipe. Short or tall. 

Find a large and beautiful sphere...
we like this Christmas ornament.

Add a lovely clay pot like....the ones
Julie the owner of the Loft on 2nd creates
and're done !

DIY-Loft Style Entertaining
January 2011
The air is snapping, the ground is crackling and it's cold.  A perfect time to entertain and invite your friends  over warm conversation, food and decor.  Here is a fun entertaining idea from the Loft on 2nd. 
Gather your own decor items or come into the Loft on 2nd where we have everything you'll need.

Show your personal style with napkins or as
one of our Loft Artisan's said,
"ooooooh, I'd serve glass shots of 
Bailey's or Kahlua with coffee
or over ice cream."

DIY-Loft Style Holiday Decor.
December 2010
Our holiday ideas for you.

Place shiny objects, small trees and holiday decorations to your existing pedestals or candle holders.  This disco ball is a treasured "shiny object" of The Loft on 2nd's Owner, Julie.

Add tinsel to your your chandelier, hanging lamp of candelabra.

Fill your dinner or bar classes with, greenery, holly and candy canes. Display the glasses on shelves, table tops of in open cupboards.

More glassware with decorations.

Add a chalkboard (this one is from the Loft) to your wall. 
Share Holiday messages of Joy and Love with your friends,
family and visitors.

Fill metal tins (from the Loft) with greenery and christmas decor. Display on shelves, table tops of in open cupboards.

Attach a metal grid or other found metal/wire decoration to your ceiling and hang holiday decorations from it.