Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Greetings!

Hello all!
   Hope this finds you all well and enjoying your summer.  I sure am.  We have had a great summer weather wise this year.  Yes it was hot in July, that's what we look forward to! This month has been a great month, busy and the weather is starting to feel like fall... yep!  I said it.. !!  I love fall, the time of change.  I have been very busy this summer with birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries.. we have had several milestones this year.  Our family added a new little one in March.  Our son turned 30, my wonderful hubby turned 60 and my motherinlaw turned 90!  So we had a year where all these celebrations were 30 years apart!  Four generations!  Our family is truly blessed.  All of our grandchildren and children are healthy!  That is something to be thankful and grateful to God for! 
    I have been busy creating still, had a big "junk sale", got rid of alot. Still consigning at Antiques Downtown in Elk River and also at Mama's Happy in Independence.   My sis came from Dallas and helped me organize for the "JUNK BONANZA"! (Sept. 13-15)   I had more in my basement than I thought!  Loads of great junk and creations for my booth.  I'll be in the Junk Bonanza  tent to your left pretty much right away.. just look for The Loft on 2nd sign.  I will have a metal gazebo also for a makeshift room!  I am so excited to have a booth of my own.  The Junk Bonanza is a great venue for one of a kind finds, fun and excitement.  Lots of vendors and the "bloody marys" are to die for!  I know I will have at least 1 a day!  I am totally looking forward to this event! Please come and visit me in the tent to the left when you first come in! 
   I have a new venture that I also am looking forward to.  I have become an advisor for Advocare products.  It is a health and wellness company that is located in Texas.    I love, love, love the products.  My sister  from Dallas introduced me to these products and I immediately fell in love with them.. I feel better than I have since my 30's..., no kidding!   Check out my website  just in case you're wondering.  Losing weight and feeling energized and fit is my way of life now.. we aren't getting older.. we are getting better!  God Bless and hope to see you soon!


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