Thursday, May 26, 2011

Backward but Fitting

This week we're starting with pics and ending with words. A little backward yes, but fitting.  

For Your Home

Retro cool and yellow!

Eclectic, funky and fab!

Love this hutch.

Sooo, many things you could do with these.
Hang on a wall, attach to a wood door.
Hang in a window and let the sun shine through.

A very Looooooong neck vase!

~ Channeling Audrey Hepburn ~

A very "Audrey", very vintage (1960-70) dress. (front view)

Ruffle on the bottem, ruffle neck and a long sweeping chiffon bow (back view)

Another vintage delight with
a modern Calvin Klein belt and
Designer~ Dolce & Gabbana pumps.


Side view

Kensie Girl Top/Tunic/Dress

Embroidered net. Beautiful over a
shift dress or a tank and jeans.

A beach coverup, or lovely tunic top.

and everything else!

The Queen of JUNK !

Hey Yogi! (I'm dating myself with that comment aren't I?)

The coolest vintage leather case I've ever seen!

Thursday June 9th @6p, GNO in Anoka
Table Scaping and Party Ideas ~ presented by Adrienne Shrunk
Adrienne will show you how to "Table Scape" and decorate with unique finds. She'll show you how to use "old and used" jars of any size and shape for tablescaping and party ideas. Intrigued? So are we and we've heard fabulous things about her designs.  Adrianne will be offering some of her wares for wale at this event. The Loft will also carry some Great Pieces of the past that you can buy for your own Table scaping adventure..  We will also be carrying some great "pieces of the past" that you can  buy during GNO party. 

A short message from Julie, the Owner of the Loft on 2nd ~ 
Have a Happy and safe Memorial Day Holiday, and remember our troops and their families.
"The garden room is being transformed in the back store area this coming week, stay tuned.. lots of color and containers coming in, loads of new ideas for gardening.. and home decor in the following weeks."

FYI ~ The Loft on 2nd is OPEN Thurs 10-7p, and Fri & Sat 10-5p.

Till next time, 


  1. Such a talented,
    talented, group
    of people! Love
    the peek at all
    your beautiful
    styling in really
    amazing, as is
    the repurposing.
    Hope to get out
    there once school
    is out and the
    days are my own.
    Happy Memorial Day!
    xx Suzanne

  2. I see so many things I'd love to take home with me. I see blogger is still not allowing me to show my id, I wish they'd fix these problems. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, Theresa, Garden Antqs Vintage


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