Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a week it was and is !

Last week was busy and brimming with success.  Our Spring Style Show WOWED our customers and our little boutique....well it WOWED them too!

This week we've put together some springtime vignettes, some fabulous looks, and a new DIY project.    OH!....and let us know if you like it.  Feedback is always appreciated!

Springtime Vignettes

Very vintage mannequin and Marilyn.

Terrarium -  Loft Style

Lockers -
not just for school Gyms !

Child size closet in barely blue.

Fabulous Looks

Ladeeda Design - one of a kind
re-styled designs. 

Another Ladeeda Design one of a kind design.

Burberry top and hat.

Bohemian - Bo-Ho, ethnic top.

ColdWater Creek crinkle top,
Bo-Ho belt, Prada Shoes and 
vintage camera

Very cool skirt, Guess top,
Loft jewelry (belt) and
vintage RED roper boots.

NEW hand dyed and embellished tanks

OH MY !!! Watches

New Ripple scarves

Bowl full of flowers. Flower bracelets that is !


You can find our DIY project on our DIY page. To get there just click on "DIY Style" located just under our loft buildings/logo at the top of the page.

April 28, 29 and 30th are Diva Days (click on "Diva Days" for more info.) in Anoka.  Don't miss them!!!

Easter blessings to you and yours from The Loft on 2nd. 
Till next time,

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