Monday, January 3, 2011

Change is in the air.....and we're lovin it!

"You have to evolve, you have to move on otherwise it just becomes stagnant."
Craig Charles 

Those of you who regularly read our blog know that Julie the Owner of the Loft on 2nd loves change. "Change is good" is one of her motto's. 2011 brings many changes to the Loft. Some changes are in the form of the addition of some fabulous new Artisans, products and creations. Other changes are less "change" and more of an evolution. NOT "out with the bad", but rather...."more, better and oooooh!" 

Julie and her husband Ron, spent most of their New Years Holiday "evolving" the Loft. The new look is airy, earthy, classic and a bit ethereal. As you explore the Loft's new milieu (a hoity toity french word meaning environment, background, setting :-) you'll discover -
* Shelves with collections of glassware.
* Cabinets with funky finds.
* Built in closets filled with designer clothing.
* A wall of mirrors.
* Nature, real and interpreted.
* Metal and wood, distressed and with a rich patina.
* And Spaces....for inspiration, lingering and possibly even lounging as you enjoy you cup of joe from your favorite coffee shop.

A perfect evolution to showcase the wonderful, funky and fabulous furnishings, home decor, clothing and accessories Julie and the Loft Artisans are anxious to reveal. Come, relax, enjoy..........we guarantee, you're gonna love it!

At the time of this posting Julie was still actively moving, changing, and creating fabulous spaces within the space of the Loft.  The photos in this posting reflect the look as it had evolved at the end of the day on Monday January 3rd. We typically opt for close-up detail shots For this posting we we stepped back to gather more of the view before we snapped our photos. We hope you enjoy this posting, our photos and our new look. We welcome your comments, thoughts and impressions.

Make sure to page all the way down to see some pics we took of the Niece of one of our Artisans during her private shopping adventure at the Loft on 2nd.

The Loft on 2nd is returning to it's pre-holiday hours.  We are open every Thursday through Saturday with expanded hours during Anoka's "occasional" sale week. 

A delightful view

Another great view.

The closet at the Loft.
Designer clothes and several places to
rest and contemplate your
wardrobe wish list.  

A partial view of the wall of mirrors.
Industrial finds. I can picture this
in my yard...or even indoors! Hmmmm....
(Cement pillars-SOLD)

Love the vintage multi drawer cabinet.
Maybe in your kitchen to hold utinsels? about for your jewelry?
A piece of felt at the bottom
of each drawer and you have a
great industrial look.

And who is Frank smiling at?

Formerly a potting shed area...
Now a lounge. I understand Hollywood
will be the theme.  Love it!

One of many cupboards filled with
funky finds.

A butter yellow/cream bench with
hand made new filling and fabric 
pillows, paired-end tables and
nature peeking from behind.

Several of many shelves filled
with glassware and other finds.

Beautiful black with silver accents,
vintage re-finished buffet (SOLD).
Modern candle goblets,
button shade lamp and
framed chalkboard.

An eclectic corner.

More shelves....more treasures.

One of many spots to sit
and take it all in.

A space that is still being developed,
but don't you love the solarium and
three-faced clock(SOLD.

Funky new hand made paper and
metal flowers.

More flowers.

In our front window.
NEW-White Dr. Martin boots,
bebe jeans and a NEW-Ann Taylor sweater.

Another funky new item. A vintage
door knob (base is behind the snowman)
that holds mini interchangeable metal signs.

An eclectic look.
A Free People checked top(SOLD),
DKNY corduroy skirt, and 
NEW brushed suede cowboy boots.

A transition into spring look.
A J. Jill distressed jacket,
Ladeeda Design tank,
Buffalo by David Bitten jeans,
GAP rhinestone and leather belt
 and a funky hat.

Metal, distressed wood and a vintage basket.

A tapestry jacket (SOLD),
Ladeeda Design tie dyed tank
and shoes, shoes, shoes.
OH... and the gunmetal gray head
was hand painted by one of
our Artisans.

NEW Prada Shoes !!!

A Calvin Klein hoodie (SOLD), vintage metal table, jewelry chest and snowball fur.

Elvis is in the building?

We love Hollywood! 
Marilyn Monroe book.

Frank Sinatra book.

Grace Kelly book.

Elvis again?  Hmmm...nice boots Elvis !

Move over Ladeeda...Elvis
is after your job as Personal Shopper
and Fashion Consultant for
the Loft on 2nd.

Shopping at the Loft......
Becca is the niece of Lori (alias Ladeeda) one of our Artisans. Lori's Christmas gift to Becca was a $100 gift certificate for clothing at the Loft on 2nd. Below are photos of three of the four treasures she took home. These photos are candid and not nearly as model-esque as Becca has taken in the past :-)

A Ladeeda Design Tank.

A NEW-Lucky Brand Bo-ho top

A Rampage dress and
NEW Guess shoes.

A NEW-Derek Heart
dress and boots.

Becca's final selections were:
The NEW-Derek Heart dress,
The NEW-Lucky Brand Bo-ho top,
The NEW-Ladeeda Design olive tank,
and a pair of used but in like new condition black Steve Madden cowboy boots (not pictured). Retail value of these items is over $350. Becca's total from the Loft was a fabulous $103, only $3 over budget!

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