Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a Week We Have in (the) Store for You!

It's Occasional Sale Week and we've been busy putting together lots of fun events just for you. 
We've planned a Style Show for Weds., Girls Night Out on Thurs. & a store filled with new treasures each and every day. Click on our "Events at the Loft" page (just under our logo) to get the details on all of the fun events planned for you this week.  Enjoy the pics we took just for you!
REMEMBER that during "Occasional Sale Week" we have extended hours: Weds. 3-8p, Thurs. 10-8P, Fri. 10-5p, Sat. 10-5p and Sun. 12-4p

Industrial and metal finds

Funky re-chic-ed cabinet.

Wonderfully rusty gears (SOLD).

6 drawer dresser.


A great place for Tracie VanWechel (photographer) to snap your pic.

Jenny in a vintage top and BCBG jeans (SOLD) (style show)

Bar Ware

Ornaments for your tree or?????

We love vintage Hollywood.

Jennifer in a new XOXO dress, vintage fur (SOLD) and Italian boots (style show).

Pretty, shiny, pretty, shiny!

Stacked end tables.  I think we have the one you need.

Cool slate, corbel and metal pans.

Sara in a vintage sweater, jeans, cool cowboy boots and a Steve Madden hat (style show).

Design Cafe Holiday pot on a vintage suitcase

More of the industrial look and a re-chic-ed T-shirt foot stool.

Glass Ware

Becca in a re-chic-ed vintage dress and shoes (both-SOLD) style show).

A great look.

Time is of the essence!

Bar Ware and "slumped" wine bottles
(use as decor or cheese trays).

More "slumped" bottles.

A partridge in a very Lofty place.

Mimi-Toria's Re-designed Jewelry

More of Mimi Toria


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